Hair Material?

Hi guys,since I’m about to do my character’s hair in 3ds max,I was wondering how I should go about making the hair texture to work well inside UE4.
What are the options/workflows in terms of hair material and what textures are required for each?
My main concern is if I should bake a realistic hair card (with specular in the diffuse) using vray hair material inside max or if I should have a more flat diffuse (no specular) and some kind of hair shader inside UE4 handling speculars and such…also if such shader is possible and you know any tutorial for it,would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

It depends on the hair type.
e.g short hair or beards can be done with planes + translucent in your material, for long hair you use opacity mask + diffuse/specular/normal/probably also a subsurface map :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply fighter :slight_smile: how come you don’t use those same maps for short hairs?! What’s the difference? :S
Also there are good tutorial around that show that workflow,especially the part regarding making and using the subsurface map?