Hair Material: Depth, ID and Root masks

Has anyone figured out how to generate the Depth, ID and Root masks used in the hair material inside Photorealistic Character? We’re using 3DS Max too.

There’s some information here:
Most of it is just rendering multiple passes of the hair using some different settings in the Hair material–in the 3ds Max hair for example you can set a color for the tip and root, so you just set black and white for that and do a render like it shows in that page
For hair ID you can set the tip/root colors to white and then adjust the random shade value so that it changes the value of each hair randomly. for depth, you’d have to render a Zdepth pass which would be in the Render Elements option of the scanline renderer, you’ll have to mess around with that to get a good depth render, might have to render the hairs as meshes for that.

Any other way to do this? Like in Maya or XNormal? I don’t know 3dsmax. I generated my textures using tubes in Zbrush using this method:

But I don’t have the other maps like Hair ID and Depth, etc

I don’t think Zbrush has all the settings required to do that

Ok so after some exploring in Maya’s rendering options i found out how to do a depth pass:
You could also use mental ray, but not the free version (i think, i tried to follow a different tutorial and there was no render passes tab in the render settings- correct me if i’m wrong).

for the root/tip, i’m just going to poly paint it by hand and hope for the best.

no idea how to do the ID one tho

yeah, i also have maya and xnormal and substance designer but as far as i can tell none of them have the same functionality

I would imagine that the default hair tools in Maya can, but for things like depth you’ll have to set up a depth pass in the renderer.