Hair Groom Tool - Explicit Guides Problem & Niagara Dynamics

Hi guys,

I’m having a couple issues…I’m following the updated documentation for hair grooms from xgen (XGen Guidelines for Hair Creation | Unreal Engine Documentation)

  1. I add a Guide Attribute to a specific curve I want to drive the simulation from but once I import this along with the groom it doesn’t take the guide as a guide and generates it’s own guides?? Is there a certain way to export the guides along with the hair groom which I’m missing?
  2. If I import a Hair Groom with multiple Group ID’s and add a Niagara Component with the Groom dynamics It generate dynamics for only 1 of the hair groups and not the remaining, So I only have 1 part (1 group ID) of the hair that is dynamic, the rest of the hair groups acts as if no dynamics have been applied.

xgendescriptionsplinesandguide.jpg<— This is a screenshot of the selected groups with the guide selected - I export these together as alembic. Reference shot for Problem 1

Anyone have an idea on how to fix either one of the problems I’m having? Would be amazing if so!

Cheers guys,

Also stuck with these issues, if you figure it out please report back.