Hair And Fur Shader from trello

Hello, can someone give a hint what exactly is this Hair And Fur shader? Trello

I’m really interested what ue4 team was able to achive with this and also when it will be available for community :slight_smile: Mayby in UE 4.10?

Interesting! If it was available in 4.10 I would expect to have heard more about it. Usually anything that gets “worked on” in Trello comes out like 2 or 3 releases later.

That sound really interesting. Hopefully it will also include “interaction effects” like the hair from nvidia (so not just a hair rendering shading mode) :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this could be that hair shader in action since it says in-game playable character?

I hope it will be the case. Hair in unreal is a real problem for realistic rendering.
So I hope we will have a good new shader + the hair transparency sorting ( dithered alpha testing don’t look good enough ), I’m sure Epic will provide to the community a nice result as always.

I see a new Hair Shading Model, Eye Shading Model and Cloth shading Model, but I dont see anything in regards to hair alpha sorting, or any kind of tessellated rendering or anything, so I suspect its just a shading model for now.

Tesselation is there already.

TressFX or HairWorks is way to go if you need fancy hair.

I understand that, but was verifying for people out there who might have thought the hair and fur trello card may have meant a similar rendering technique to HairWorks/TressFX built into UE4.

@GalaxyMan2015: Where do you see a new eye shading model? The eyes of the character are completely in shade.

In the master branch as part of this commit: look at ShadingModels.usf for the function EyeShading for the details.

Oh I see, thought you meant the teaser. My bad :wink: