HacknPlan, the Trello for game developers

Hi folks,

I just wanted to share a tool I’m working on, that may be useful to some of you. Its name is HacknPlan and it’s a web project planning tool specially designed for game developers. As I say in the title, it has been described by the current users as a “Trello for gamedev”, as it is simple and clean, but it provides several organizational features to fit better the game development workflow using basic agile concepts. In the future, the application will incorporate more and more features and integrations that are gamedev centered.

We released an open beta in September that is completely free to use, and we are more than 1200 registered beta users at this moment. We are currently working on improving it with the feedback from the community, so if you try it any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Happy planning!

thanks for the information, looks very usefull

Registered, looks good so far. Is the future plan a pay only thing, or limit unless paid?

I want to give it a shot but something went wrong with my registration. My account isn’t valid but I never got a mail

Oh man u saved my life… i love u! this is really usefull for me!

What you see now plus other things we will implement in the near future will be free always, with some limitations (10 users per project, attachment space…). After that we will monetize through add-ons via subscription model.

Hi , maybe there was an issue with the delivery, it happened before. I need to provide a way to retry the activation mail. You can send me a message from here specifying your email account and I will solve the issue.

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

I already logged in with another mail and everything is working now. This is a really great product. I’m actually moving my production from trello to hacknplan right know.

Great! Any feedback you can give me is more than welcome.

Seems pretty sweet so far. But I still wonder about my question you did not answer: Is the future plan a pay only thing, or limit unless paid?

A slack integration would be awesome.

Yes I did, exactly 7 messages above this one :wink:

Yes, many people has requested it, so we will probably integrate it in the future.

I swear I read every post, don’t know how I missed that. Thanks.

Really great site thanks for sharing. Here is some feedback: On the mobile version i can’t see everything on the site because i can’t scroll wide enough. Or when i open the help menu you can’t scroll to the close tap because the black social media bar hides it, and you need to play with scrolling up and down until it flashes the close tap. I use an iphone 6. I hope you can do something with this information.

I am missing a backlog that isn’t actually bound to any milestone.
How are you parenting game model elements like in the screenshot.

This is pretty cool. I was just thinking that I didn’t really want a full blown Jira instance and Trello was a bit underwhelming for the task. Thanks!

We know about the mobile version, we have been focusing more on the desktop version for now, but we will improve it very soon. Our final goal is to provide native apps though.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, we are planning a backlog feature. In the meantime you could create a normal milestone without due date for that.

To create model element children: when you’re about to drop an element under another, move it a bit to the right and the placeholder will be indented. Many people reported this is not very intuitive, we plan to improve it.