gun models for a FPS Game

I am new to unreal forums so if i am in the wrong thread please dont give me a hard time
or bounce me around from subforum to another.
Anyways im just asking how do i make my own models and guns to a fps game.and add them
2, whats the best program to do the gun models with?
i know this sounds crazy. but i dont want to use premade models

because i want to be original with the angle texture and colour on the gun. So what program is the best for. Doing my guns. Also of you use the same gun models in games all over again. It makes your game less unique tell me if im wrong i came here to learn not to argue

You use a 3d program + a texture program for it -> some good and free programs are blender and gimp :slight_smile:

I am willing to pay money for a program if it will change the quality of the gun model. any recommendations? and thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Every program can do the same. The quality mostly just depends on the skills of the artist :slight_smile: -> just choose the tool that you prefer the most

Blender is complitly free and if you have skills you can make very proffesional models.I love Blender (and ue4 of course),it can be hard to learn it if you are just starting,you need to spend a lot of time if you want to create good looking model.I am working with Blender for over 4 years and I am still learning. I wish you good luck :smiley: