Gun Funk Game

Hello world!

My name is Matej and I have been working on a little project called Gun Funk for a while now. It is still a few months away from completion, but here is a little trailer sneak peak:

I’m using ue4, would be nice to migrate to ue5 to utilize the chaos destruction, but I’m having some issues with the way chaos does physical animation.

I’ll also be starting a kickstarter campaign for it, so if anyone is interested I’ll post some details later.

Hope you like it :wink:


Acrobatics + Dual-Wielding Pistols + Bullet Time = My Kind of Game. Looking Awesome and very inspirational. Makes me want to revisit my dev on this.

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I agree with @TechLord on this one; “Gun Funk Game” looks insanely fun and beautifully crafted! Thank you for sharing your creation with us. :grin:

Thank you, glad you think so!
@TechLord yup, I think these types of games can be a lot of fun to play.

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Of course, it was the melee attack that took out our very special main character. :pensive:

The artstyle you’ve chosen is my favorite aspect of what I’ve seen so far. It’s very cute and fun but totally polished at the same time! Which part of the development of this project was the part you were most excited for? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the praise!
The most exciting part would definitely be building the dynamic movement of the player character. It took me quite a while to just figure out how it “should” work, and then actually building something that feels good to control.
I don’t really know if it’s apparent when you watch the trailer, but the whole movement system once you go into slow motion is pretty much procedural. So as the character is jumping, for example, the player controls the yaw and roll rotation completely, turning the character as little or as much as needed to dodge the bullets.

This also presented the challenge of how do you land the character if the rotation of the mesh can be anything. The whole landing system is pretty complex itself, so it can work from any kind of angle(except if you land on your head, then it’s game over and it just enable physical animation for all bodies :stuck_out_tongue: ). The dodging system on the ground is also procedural, allowing the player to precisely control the character.

Figuring all of this out, I guess, was the grand moment, because it meant I’ve got a fun playable game! Now the fun part is building levels that expose these systems and frustrate you as the player, so you keep trying and trying to beat em’. :slight_smile:


By the way. I have a question.
I have seen spotlight projects being featured in youtube videos from epic, or on the main unreal engine launcher page and so on. Is there some kind of process where I can submit my game for consideration to get more exposure?

I really do think I have something here, but I’m running out of funding to continue working on the project full time. So I am in a bit of a “panic mode”, and am trying to put the game out there to as many eyes as possible.

Got a new trailer and a demo! Check it out



Woah, has it been three months already? Time sure does fly! In any event, I’m happy to see your creation, “Gun Funk,” thriving. I’m even happier that I get to try a demo of “Gun Funk” myself! :star_struck:

Yes time sure does fly, especially when you’re in a hurry to finish the project :wink: Hope you like the demo, and do tell me what you think!