Guide: How to add a Particle System (like a green beam) to the Player Corpse

  1. Copy PlayerPawnTest_Male / PlayerPawnTest_Female (If you child the underwear goes transparent)

  2. Copy any Particle System you want to use (i.e. CrateSpawn_Overland_QualityTier2) (You can’t child them ;D )

  3. Open PlayerPawnTest_Male with Full Editor and go to Components Section.

  4. Add Component Particle System to [Root] CapsuleComponent. (If you add the “Particle System” to a mesh, the “Particle System” will rotate. If you don’t it will go upwards like the supply crate beam.)

  5. Click on the newly created ParticleSystem1 and choose your Particle System in Details -> Particles -> Template

  6. Uncheck Details -> Activation -> Auto Activate

Should look like this now:

  1. Goto the “Graph Section” “Event Graph” Tab.

  2. Zoom in (mousewheel up)

  3. Right click “Add Event” -> “Event unpossessed”
    (You need to hook your “Exec” to the right Event. Else your Logic (Event Graph connections) wont be Executed or be executed at the wrong time. Many ways will do this right. I wanted to hook our Logic to the “Event unpossessed” because if you die your PlayerPawnTest will become unpossessed.)

  4. Right click “Game” -> “Damage” -> “Is Dead”
    (We also want to check if the “PlayerPawnTest” is dead. Another posibility of “Event unpossessed” would be if you log out. This also triggers this event. So we need to be sure the PlayerPawnTest is dead)

  5. Right click “Utilities” -> “Flow Control” -> “Branch”
    (Well we need to check if the “PlayerPawnTest” is dead and we want our “branch” to be Executed, so it is linked to our Event and our function which tells us if the “PlayerPawnTest” is dead)

  6. Drag and drop your “ParticleSystem1” from the left “My Blueprint” window into the Event Graph and choose “Get”
    (Now we need to skip 2 logical steps to get our needed “Activate” Function which activates our Particle System.)

  7. Now leftclick on the “blue circle” of the dropped “Particle System 1” and drop it into an open space in the Event Graph (this does not work any other way!)
    (Here you can choose “Particle System” related Actions!)

  8. Choose “Components” -> “Activation” -> “Activate”
    (This is our needed Function to “Activate” our Particle System. The related “Particle System” is automatically linked to it.)

  9. Link the red circle “Return Value” of “Is Dead” to the condition of the “branch”.

  10. Link the white arrow “Exec” of “Event unpossessed” to the left white arrow of the “branch”

  11. Finally connect the white arrow “True” of the “branch” to the left white arrow “Exec” of “Activate”
    (We want our branch to execute the Function “Activate” if our condition is met (PlayerPawnTest is dead))

  12. The “Particle System 1” should already be connected to “Activate” if not, do so now.
    (If everything mets, the Function “Activate” activates our chosen ParticleSystem.)

  13. Repeat steps 3. - 18. for “PlayerPawnTest_Female”

Should look like this now:

  1. Go to your “PrimalGameData_BP”
  2. “PrimalGame Data BP C” -> “Player Character Gender Definitions” -> “0” -> “Character Blueprint” -> choose your “PlayerPawnTest_Male”.
  3. “PrimalGame Data BP C” -> “Player Character Gender Definitions” -> “1” -> “Character Blueprint” -> choose your “PlayerPawnTest_Female”.

Have fun!

Thanks for all the people here on this forum helping out other people! Keep on going you are great!

I really appreciate the graph! I hope you do many more of these, thank you.

I have to say that this worked like a charm. Definitely helped me out when my mod stopped working correctly (Dead Find for those who haven’t seen it yet). Very simple graph using the component, a lot simpler than my graph entirely.

Good work, sir!

Work fine in PiE but not in game :confused: maybe because of the particle i choose? i choose the CrateGlow_Tier3 (The Yellow Sphere Glow) (Tried both attached to Root / the mesh on hand)

Could you please make pictures of your graph and components section? And describe how you remaped it?

Graph is the same as your (double check already)
It’s working fine in PiE so i assume the graph is correct :slight_smile:

I copy the PlayerPawnTest_Male and PlayerPawnTest_Female, modify it, then replace the current one under Gender definition (0 and 1) in primalgamedata

Ah well, maybe it is a problem of steam and the workshop updater. Open Steam, desubscribe the mod. Delete the folder “steamapps\workshop\content\346110[YourModId]” and the folder “steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods[YourModId]” and the file with your modid in “steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods”. Now resubscribe. This always makes sure your local mod is realy up-to-date.

@Nguyen, Did you restart your map? Most changes made to objects that are involved with the player pawn need a fresh instance of the map.Make a backup and reset the map, that way if it still doesn’t work you will still have your old map.

Always delete my mod folder after each update so this should not be a problem

You mean create the entire new world?

Go into shootergame/saves/localsaves (I think, I’m not in front of my comp) and find theisland.ark and make a backup (change name to theislandbackup.ark or something) and start the game with the mod loaded. It will reset the map but not your character.

So House, dino will be lost?

Nvm, the particle i choose only work in PiE … change it to the overland crateglow and work as expected

Thanks for this… really helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial on this!

How would one apply this to the players backpack when the corpse is gone?

I’ve tried editing the DeathItemCache files but nothing I’ve tried works.

Is there a away to do something like this without touching core files so it could be used as a stackable mod?

Just add a particle system to the root like in step 4 and 5. Just let auto activate true. Now everytime you drop a DeathItem (even if you hit drop all) it has a particle system. But this is the only way i know how to solve this.

Well, you can’t make a mod without touching core files. Which files do you mean exactly? Any way you need to edit PlayerPawnTest_Male/Female!

My particle doesn’t always stay on and seems very questionable on a dedicated server