Guidance with running lanes.


I’m new to using UE4 + Blueprints and was wondering how I would go about having lanes for my runner. so something similar to temple run but their are three lanes and you can vary between them as you are running?

I had in mind that maybe i would have to make the tiles have guidance lanes that the player is linked to then when it connects to the next tile it would link to that lane if he was in the middle one for example? (maybe i’m wrong?)

Help on a way around this would be appreciated.

Also i had in mind that the path the player is running on swerves and has curves, so just making it that tapping “A” or “D” to shift over a couple spaces doesn’t work as he ends up crashing into a wall.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I am closing this thread as you just opened a new one that’s exactly the same

please don’t create multiples of the same thread, thanks.