Guerrero House UE4 Archviz

Hey everyone!
Here is my take on the Guerrero House by Alberto Campo Baeza.
I lit the scene with static Directional Light and a few point lights.
Shadow artifacts are killing me…

You can watch the walktrough video here

Tell me what you think about it!

That looks super awesome! Did you use any bounce-cards + spotlights? What are your settings? :slight_smile:

Thanks! I didn’t use bounce-cards with spot lights. Whole scene is lit globaly with direct light and closed spaces like bathroom are lit with one point light placed in the middle of the room.

Great mood and quality of course!

You did a great job texturing and modeling. I think overall the light is too intense and is burning out the images, also the bloom is contributing to this as well.

Hey thanks for the critique. That was my biggest problem with static direct light - every change in light intesity required building lighting again and it was quite troublesome getting proper values in the middle of the work. Should have done that at the beginning with walls only.

I like this a lot, great atmosphere.

stunning imagery.
can you share your world and lightmass settings? i’d appreciate it a lot
also, how do things look so bright if it’s mostly indirect lighting?

Job well done! What was your workflow? About how long did this take you? Thanks!

Hey thanks a lot! For lightmass I used this parameters:
Static Lighting Level Scale : 0.6
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces : 100
Indirect Lighting Quality : 10
Indirect Lighting Smoothness : 0.85

For brightness you have to play with exposure settings in postprocess volume and indirect lighting intensity in your lightsource settings.

Have you used subsurface scattering for your marble? because it looks incredible man! I like your scene a lot!

looks awesome! :smiley:

hey thanks! It is default lit material with only diffuse and roughness map:)

Well this is incredible i love it … congrats :slight_smile: hey how many time to build the lighting ?

Great use of texture, lighting, perspective and design!

Wow nice man, it is looking great !

Thanks a lot! It took something around 10 hours.

Awesome man … so beautiful , great work looking forward to see more of your works :slight_smile: greetings

Hey everyone! Thanks for such a great response to my post! Thanks to you I got “Pic of the day” from Unreal Engine Community!:slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Do you mean it took 10 hours for each time you try to build lighting…!!? then; what are your PC specs

That is the reason why we are all here…
Congratulations & Best wishes… :slight_smile: