Grouping Foliage Palettes

I was wondering if there was a grouping tool or preset save function that I’ve been overlooking in the foliage painting tool.
Currently I have the density/mesh names and combos/brush size all manually written down in a notepad doc that I refer to, but it would be much easier to be able to save these as a grouped tool so that I don’t need to manually swap out all fields and uncheck boxes in what can become an incredibly long list of assets.

ie. for “grass”, i have two combinations of grass types in different weights and sparsities
for “hedgerow”, I use two types of bushes - also in different size ranges and densities

As such, I’d like to be able to name and save the preset combination to grab later.

Am I overlooking this, or does it already exist?

Unfortunately you are not abel to do that atm, but in 4.8 something like that will work :slight_smile: