Grid System

hey guys,
Does anyone know if there is any tutorial about a visible grid system ? Like in building simulations or strategie games…


I have been searching myself for one. As I am in desperate need of a grid system. I was looking into the inventory tutorials being they setup a grid for the actual inventory. Was going to try converting that to a spawnable grid (new to blueprints). I also found this that got me a bit further. It is in german, but if you follow along with what he is doing it may be of help to you.

Hope it helps!

Have a look at the free strategy game in the Learn tab, I think it uses a grid system.

if you want only a visual grid, you can make it in the Landscape material, based on Absolute World Coordinates, and your tile size (I made a HLSL shader earlier in another game engine, what I want to port to UE4), or simply apply a tiled texture with the desired tiling…