Grid system; AActor, SceneComponent? or something else

I’m new to c++, been fumbling in Unreal Engine earlier. Need help with determening what should be an Actor or SceneComponent. This is data workflow:

HexagonManager: creates Vectors to scatter into a hexagon pattern. This single item will cover an entire level. There are no mesh, collision or physical attributes in here. It just calculates the positions for spawning a smaller QuadManagerChild (which contains multiple quads inside of a hexagon).
QuadManager: Creates a irregular quad grid, similar to the game TownScaper. There is no mesh, collision or physics in here either. Just Vectors to spawn a QuadCollisionMesh.
QuadCollisionMesh: invisible mesh that I can use for linetracing to select the correct Quad and later on actually spawning an object, like a house.

It works. But right now everything is of class AActor. I’ve been reading and watching videos about SceneComponents, ActorComponents, ChildActorComponents and so on. But I just can’t wrap my head around it. I see a hierarchy but not the logic behind it. My mind is stuck in a loop.

I just changed HexagonManager and QuadManager to SceneComponent. But now I can’t add them to the world anymore. So now it doesn’t work anymore. Whom should be Actor?

Them all being actors is fine.

Actors are simply objects that have a world transform, can contain a collection of components, and can spawn into the world.

Components must be part of an actor. That’s why you cannot drop them into the world.