Grid Pattern Artifact Raytracing 4.24.1


Im using Unreal to offline rendering with sequencer some archtectural visualization. But since I changed from 4.23.1 to 4.24.1 a grid pattern artifact start to appear in the image. Im using raytracing and I was thinking that the Denoiser is the problem. But I could be wrong.
Does anyone have any idea?
Ive tried HistoryConvolution, KernelSpreadSize, TemporalEstimation, etc. But doesnt seens to make any difference.
I`m also trying to turn off the Denoiser. But is not working. It seens is always on.

I didn`t solve the problem yet. Does anyone have an idea?

Is there a pattern like this on walls, ceiling or such ? Maybe bias setting ? Nice looking scene.

Thanks neighborlee.
I`ve tried a bunch of settings and nothing seens to solve it.

r.GlobalIllumination.Denoiser.ReconstructionSamples 0 - 32
r.Reflections.Denoiser.ReconstructionSamples 0 - 32
r.RayTracing.NormalBias 0.001 - 10
r.TemporalAASamples 0 - 64
r.PostProcessAAQuality 0 - 6

The pattern still there. Will post videos soon.

I think theres something with TemporalAA. If I increase screen percentage to 150 or 200 it gets more visible. The compression makes it hard to see. Its visible in the top left in the ground.

Denoise features turned off.

If the problem is TemporalAA witch settings should I change?

Is there any temporal settings that is not called temporal?