GREEN reflections from reflection capture/sky light

Ok, so I’ve been using UE4 for a few months now, and I just can’t figure out this green problem I’m having.
It’s happened on every UE version that I’ve tried (from 4.7.6 onward)

I get green reflections if u put a reflection capture sphere in the world, OR even more green if there is a sky light in the scene.

Even starting a default template, without changing anything - GREEN!

I’m not pro, but I’ve done so much searching to no avail.

  • Yes, I have a post processing volume
  • Yes, I have changed soo many settings
  • Yes, I have tried many different textures
  • Yes, I have tried different lighting situations
  • Yes I have reinstalled

Also, by opening an exact copy of a project on another computer - no green…


Scene I’m developing, with some green present (from reflections capture):

Default just opened first person template scene (green from sky light AND reflections capture):

Set your view mode to “reflections” and make sure your skybox is getting reflected. When I turned it on I saw I was only getting the atmospheric fog reflected and not the actual sky. It seemed to be an issue with a sky I imported from Infiltrator relying on a built in static mesh that I couldn’t actually find in the editor.

Switching to a different skysphere (and applying the Infiltrator sky material) fixed the issue.

it’s completely disabled GI