Great difference between PIE and Standalone (render and blueprint)

Hello everybody !
I’m on UE4 4.16.3, in win 8.1 pro. My drivers are up to date.
I have only one dynamique light and a skylight. Everything is dynamic.
I’m use to test my in PIE while I develop it and I’m happy with the result but as soon as I try to look at my game as a standalone game from editor, the result is totally different :


Everything in white or green except the skysphere…
I try to remove the volumetric fog and the skylight but that’s not the problem.

Also, a lot of BP code that works fine in Editor doesn’t in standalone…
I know that my problem is not very circumscribes and I have not isolated one specific problem.
But maybe could someone give me an hint on where I can search to solve this…

Why the standalone version of my game is so different from my PIE tests ?

Also, I have to say here that I can build my game for windows but it crashes when launch it… Maybe is it linked ?


Some neofur asset are totally messed up but others don’t…

EDIT : Ok, I went through the log and correct almost everything. Now, my build game starts well and the render is correct (same as in PIE). But the problem with the standalone version of my game still broken. I will try to isolate the problem and create it in an empty project but it can take time.
The thing is my game works in every possible way, except the standalone :slight_smile: