Grass tool size variation


I believe this was requested with many people once 4.8 came out. I couldn’t find the threads to bump them so here it is.
We absolutely need a min/max scale variation parameter exposed to the landscape grass output/grass type feature.
As of this moment it’s a big problem to use this tool because every single instanced mesh is exactly the same size as the other, not having the ability to have a size variation for things like bushes, shrubs rocks etc.

We would really appreciate if you finally put this in the to-do list.


also would be nice to have the ability to control if (and how much) the size would vary based on the painted weight. i.e. grass at the edge of a road to be smaller than further away from the road

Hi Maximum-Dev,

The JIRA you’re referencing is UE-18056, which is currently listed as “To Do” in the system. This makes it higher on the priorities list, but does not guarantee it’ll be an immediate task that is worked on. As with any feature request it may take some time before there is an implementation due to other priorities.

Thank you!


I’d also love to see my wild grass look like wild grass. Right now it just looks too accurately cut. Thanks.

This is a pretty drastic drawback from using the grass layer tools, I dont know why this was even overlooked when it was first released.

Really hoping this is implemented, the grass tool makes it so much faster when you can just paint your grass texture and automatically have the grass meshes applied, saves doing the same task twice. But the grass tool really needs to have the same options/parameters available that are present in the foliage instance painter. Currently thinking I will just create variation with my grass temporarily by making scaled versions of my grass mesh and adding them separately into the grass tool slots, but this obviously isn’t an ideal way to go about using the tool.

Would also be great to have some kind of parameter that controls how much of the texture/weight painting onto the landscape is used to determine if grass is placed, right now I have my grass working but if there’s even any remote amount of grass texture painted it will place a grass mesh, even though I clearly can’t see any amount of grass texture there (so I’m getting a lot of grass placed onto my cobblestone textures).

I would love this feature too.
In the ‘field grass’ from the kite demo they use world position offset to vary the height. This is the best solution I have come across so far.

A work-around for the time being could be to assign duplicates of the grass mesh that you want size variation on, that have had their scaling tweaked. It’s not going to be very performant to make tons of different versions with small increments in their scale, but having 2 or 3 scaled copies of the mesh assigned to a landscape grass type works.

Still no sign of this in 4.11

This along with the infamous grass blocking volume would really be great.
I’m aware I’ve been asking for this volume quite some times :slight_smile:

It seems that the size variation for instanced foliage has been implemented with 4.12 ! Thanks Epic! :slight_smile:

No updates on this? It’s implemented in so far as there are inputs for it, but they don’t do ****.