Grass shadow problem

Hello everyone;
actually i have a problem with my grass shadow, it seems the grass shadow doesn’t look good from far distance; i found it is due to the “Directional Light” rotation, here is a photo before changing the “Directional Light” rotation:

as you can see the shadows doesn’t look good (or at least i don’t like it), but when i change the rotation of my “Directional Light” it looks better, like this:

i want to know is there any way to change the grass shadow like the above photo without changing the rotation of “Directional Light”?

thanks for your helping!

It is common practice to alter the mesh normals of the grass so that they point in the same direction as the underling landscape. This can be done in most modeling software, or via the shader.

can anyone help me? i search alot but i couldn’t find a good answer!