Grass Rendering on Mobile

I followed this guide to add grass to my game:

This is the result when I hit the play button in Unreal:

This is the result when I run it on Android:

Why is the grass all grey on android?

Hi Joshmmo,

With mobile development there are considerations that must be met depending on the device.

Some mobile limitations:

  • Each scene view cannot contain more than 500k triangles.
  • The scene should be <= to 700 draw calls for any view
  • Depending on the device, some materials will need to be reworked to be compatible.

Looking at your scene above the triangle count for the grass will add up very quickly to the 500k tris per view, depending on the mesh. The material for the grass may also have issues that need to be addressed since they aren’t rendering correctly.

Also, when developing for mobile you can use the Mobile Preview mode in the editor to get a better idea of what the level will look like on your device. You can set this in the Settings > Preview Rendering Level.

This view mode will not always be what is exactly is on the device depending on it’s capabilities, but it’s a close approximation.

Make sure to have a look at the Mobile Development documentation that details all the requirements and limitations.

Thank you!


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