Grass mesh has odd wire frame when used in foliage

I’m making low poly nature assets for myself and I’ve been running into some issues. I have a mesh that is working well now but i keep on getting this weird wire frame across patches of grass when im using it with the foliage tool.

Ill attach a video and a copy of the mesh but ill describe the mesh I’m using in case someone can diagnose it from a red flag there

3 planes duplicated to be double sided intersecting like a asterisk. the normals are pointing up ( using blender: edited the normals by adding a plane and copying the vectors over )
I took care of the UV map before i duplicated the first plane so all of the islands are lined up occupying the same space on top of each other

This is a copy of the Fbx a picture of the lines. and a video attached, the video is too low quality to see the issue very well but you can see it spring up.