Grass material node, spawn anywhere no longer working

I used to use the grass LandscapeGrassOutput node, and apart from adding all the different layers there I also added one more, where I just connected a “1” node in there to make the meshes spawn on the whole landscape, its really useful for something like small stones which can just be everywhere no matter what type of ground below.

Now I got the problem that once I do this (connecting a 1 to one of the inputs) all other meshes spawned by the grass node disappear and only the “everywhere mesh” is visible. I don’t know whether it’s because I updated to 4.9 or because I replaced the LandscapeGrassOutput node with a new one since I got weird bugs, but it just happens since today.

Is this intended behavior or is it a bug?

How does it behave if you output smaller value like 0.1?

I have tried to put a 0 in there and then the other meshes still don’t spawn at all, and the “everywhere mesh” also does not spawn and that’s correct if a 0 is used as the input I guess.