Grass like in CryEngine possible?

is it possible to make such realistic looking Grass like in CryEngine?
If yes, how can we make it?

Of course you can do that ^^ Here is one of the best examples that I have seen: (in my opinion it looks even better :))


The grass that you can see on the picture are just some few planes + texture + a material with some small effects (SSS) + good vertex normals ://wiki.polycount/VertexNormal + very densely placed

Can someone create such grass in UE4 for us?
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Here is another tutorial that shows the whole grass creating process: ?v=Pqb76OXSQSY (of course just with a basic material and texture)

's grass is something I’ve yet to be able to re-create anywhere near the same quality (which drives me crazy). I can’t get my grass to look as good as his without destroying FPS due to density, and my wind shader looks more like underwater currents than wind.

His guide on that thread is just enough to give you a taste but not enough to re-create.

(Unless you’ve been able to match his quality. If that’s the case we should talk.)

(Edit for clarification - he goes into pretty nice detail regarding creating the meshes, but not the wind.)

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Can you Show us your grass please that we can See the Quality?
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Grass from Cryengine

I have found a link from Cryengine:


Perhaps someone can Download this Cryengine files and can recreate in UE4?

Wow, that grass looks amazing. I missed that when it was first posted. I wonder what the performance hit of that would be. Now I’m trying to think of a way to use grass, but my game plays indoors :rolleyes:

:stuck_out_tongue: Place a flowerpot into your level and instead of flowers it should have grass in it

Hah, good idea. :smiley: I’ll see, still a long way to go before I can work on details.

There is currently no useable solution for proper foliage lighting. 's example was good but ****** expensive, and I’m yet to see anybody recreate what he did and have a shader that reacts predictably to all lighting styles.

It’s pretty annoying really. One of the reasons why deferred shading sucks, no custom lighting without expensive workarounds -.-

It’s perfectly doable if you’re clever enough, just have to wait to see if Epic is that though.

Well, I consider myself fairly well seasoned in the Shader department, but I wasn’t able to re-create 's grass. Or rather, I was, but it didn’t react predictably to light, and still tends to glow. It also doesn’t shadow, or receive shadows. At least not in my tests.

I’d like to see 's grass/foliage in a fleshed-out environment.

I’ll second this.

Hey guys, I don’t have the answer you want right now, but you can be sure we are taking the foliage shading limitations in UE4 seriously and working on a solution. It will probably be a new lighting model for two sided foliage and support for precomputed lighting on instanced foliage. Maybe even a dynamic grass planting system if we can get to that.

Be sure to vote on the roadmap for ‘additional shading models supported’

This would be great! I feel like vegetation is one of the remaining few areas, where CryEngine is clearly the winner. I didn’t play with it much recently, but unless they screwed it up since CryEngine 2 it’s probably still great.

By the way, here is the direct link to the card mentioned:

Awesome! :slight_smile: