Grass Lighting Problem

Hiya. I’m currently building a small scene in UE4 and would like to add some foliage to it. To start with I modeled some grass and baked texture maps from 3Ds Max. After importing the grass as an OBJ to UE4 I used it within the foliage tool to paint a small area for a test. On the images attached you can see the difference in lighting between a static mesh ( casts and receives shadows, but still doesn’t look right IMO ) and the instances I painted with the foliage tool ( casts shadows, but it doesn’t receive any ). I read a few threads with regards to the very same issue, and tried everything I could think of, but with no success. The material for the grass is set to two sided and Masked mode. Have a look at the images please and let me know if you got any ideas.

Many thanks in advance! :wink:


Make sure that you use a foliage shader for your mesh -> enable two sided foliage in the blend mode and set up a subsurface colour :slight_smile:
Also make sure to enable "dynamic lights (moveable)

Hello and thanks for your reply. I did what you advised and the grass looks way better with the new subsurface material. However it still does not receive any shadows. I’m using UE4 for first time so thanks a bunch for the help ! :wink:



I’m sorry, I think I got the “Dynamic Light” part wrong. I thought you meant to tick the “Affect Dynamic Indirect Lighting” in the foliage options panel. I found the Static, Stationary and Movable options of the scene light. At the time of my post it was set to Stationary. I assume that the Movable option is the one you told me to switch on. I did just now and built the lighting again which made the grass to receive shadows, but now some of my other assets stopped casting shadow.

You dont have to build the light when you use dynamic lights -> just set all to dynamic
Which meshes aren’t casting any shadows?

OK, that’s where I got it all wrong, I thought I need light maps for absolutely everything and then I have to build the lighting. I’m used to pre-render stuff and now using an engine and real time stuff for first time got me a little bit confused. Anyway, I got only one light in the scene and here’s a few images showing how everything looks with light set to Movable and Stationary with built lighting.








Any other thoughts why it’s not working?


Well I managed to make it work, for what I need it anyway. Since I’m only taking beauty shots, I set all the lighting settings back to static. I really liked working with Unreal and will certainly continue to learn it, and eventually complete a bigger and more complicate project.

You can see the final result here:!rum/c1np8

Thanks again for the help :wink:

nice one. may i know how you fixed the issue?
also, really like your Rum Factory. You can actually start making more stuff like this and put on to UE market as a package lol

I am working with grass in my scene and lighting has to be static / baked. I am getting what you got in the screenshots in your OP :frowning:

What did you do to achieve such a wonderfully lit grass as seen in your website portfolio images ?

Thanks beforhand

I too would like to know how you fixed the horrible shadow errors!