Grass Layer Problem!


I’m having issues in trying to apply the materials from the following tutorial to my map: Grass Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

Now I already had a landscape that I wanted to texture using the amazing materials from the tutorial above.

My issue is my existing landscape used 4 layers in it Grass, Rubble, Snow and Rock (I Think), the tutorial above only uses 2 layers (Grass and Rock), I was able to delete some layers from the existing landscape, but it appears the previous existing grass layer information is being used to render the landscape as there doesnt appear to be a new landscape layer info.

On build it throws up multiple errors: On build lighting warning: Warning Landscape_0 Instanced meshes don’t yet support unique static lighting for each LOD, lighting on LOD 1+ may be incorrect

As a result my map looks terrible (image attached below) and absolutely nothing like the images in the tutorial or the kite demo!

I’d appreciate any help!

Someones gotta know, anyone care to help?