Grass Is Not Casting Shadows Correctly

Im having a major issue with a grass asset that I made.
The first time I tried my grass asset in UE4 it worked great and I was really happy with the results I achieved. However, I have now imported the same grass asset into a new project on a different computer but it looks absolutely terrible. Firstly, the shadows it casts are barely visible and so blurred that they cant even be identified as grass shadows. See the image below.

Capture 4.PNG
On my other computer you could see shadows for each individual strand of grass and shadows were much darker.

Another terrible problem is that during a simulation of the game the grass turns really dark, nearly black. This is also visible constantly if it is a static mesh, not placed as foliage.

Static Mesh on the left, Foliage Mesh on the right. During a simulation of the game the foliage mesh looks identical to the static mesh.

Below is my material Setup

I would love any help on this topic as this has me absolutely stumped.

This most likely has to do with your directional light settings. Is it set to movable? What is the dynamic shadow radius? Typically reducing it or changing the number of cascades will have an effect. Also you could try r.shadow.maxresolution 4096 to see if it increases it at all.

That did the trick, thank you very much.