Grass: Help me make it awesome!

So I’m working on materials and have dedicated all day to just taking the materials I’ve made and learn how to build them out in UE4 and make them all look awesome. All of them came out so much better than I expected, but my grass looks flat. Also, I wanted to know if I could somehow disrupt the continuing pattern when the grass is applied to larger areas. I know some tiling will happen and thusly one should place objects and terrain to break it up. I saw how the wood floors looked (the standard wood floors that came with UE4) and how there was a roughness applied over the top of it to break it up a bit. Maybe something like that could be a solution?

So summary: Make grass look more dynamic and pop and disrupt the looping pattern.

Here’s another image of the grass in use.

this is looking good man!

Thank you. Just trying to learn. I’m total noob at this.

If you don’t want your grass to be a flat plane, you can use the technique epic used for the carpet in the realistic rendering demo,
or take a look here: Nature Environment in UE4 - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums