Grass fade

i have this for my grass output node alpha

and this is my BP

how do i make it fade smoothly?
right now, I just have three separate sections of the alpha. the plains section, where grass is abundant, the fading area, where the grass is a little thinner, and the no grass area. i already tried to use the LERP node but i can’t figure out what the alpha should be…

You wont get it to fade with just that.

You have to re-process the result you show.

Possibly, do power of 10, then normalize.
Reduce the power value to lessen the fade it generates…

Generally. Any mask, multiplied above 1 generates enough of a halo to cause some sort of fade effect.
The normalize wouls make the value range only be between 0 and 1. Leaving the fade intact.

A clamp would remove any values above 1.


Thanks so much!

You were very helpful