Grass does not appear on sequencer renders

Using 4.18 on W7 64, GTX770

So the Landscape grass is always there on engine’s viewport. But it doe does not appear in render images from the sequencer. What could cause this?
BTW I tried to use 500frame warmup as well. Does not help.
Please help!

Could it be the foliage culling? Had a similar issue with trees’ leaves. In the foliage tool where you select the foliage you place, just select the meshes you wish to tweak. Then go to the instance tab, culling section. You’ll probably notice that culling distances, start and end are both 0. Tweak these to suit your view distance.
Start Cull is the edge of your field of vision and end cull is the distance after which no meshes will be drawn.

you have to use Warm Up frames and delays at the bottom in Animation Tab,…that fix it

Thanks. Warp Up helps)