Graphic quality drop with gameplay in UE 4.7.3

Hello again,

I first made mention of this issue in a separate post here: Splatmap Resolution Detail Problem, Pixelated Textures - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums.

But, I felt it deserved its own posting, so here it is…

I’m experiencing a pixelation and drop in overall graphic quality with UE v4.7.3. In UE v4.4.3, I didn’t have these issues and the game rendered beautifully and with no pixelation. But, after switching over, my game renders with very noticeable pixelation and the materials appear blurred with less detail . This is observed when playing in PIE (Play in Editor), Standalone, or DK2. The graphics looked phenomenal with UE v4.4.3.

I checked the console log and confirmed that UE4 detected DirectX11 and wasn’t somehow using an older version which might contribute to a graphic quality downgrade.

It’s got to be something simple that has changed between the default handling of graphics display between UE 4.4.3 and UE 4.7.3 (I hope).

One thing to note is when I view the game assets in the Editor viewport, the Map looks fine (no pixelation). Just when you play a game, the pixelation shows up. I checked the “Play/Advanced Settings” and confirmed that the window sizes didn’t change from their defaults (1280 x 720) between UE 4.4.3 & UE 4.7.3. In any event, I don’t know if a change would’ve caused the pixelation problem.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some good news as I would love to stay using UE v4.7.3 for its newer features like UMG, etc. But, issues like the dramatic drop in graphics quality, among other things (i.e. debug breakpoints not hitting in blueprint construction scripts, broken particle systems, etc.) may make me revert back… reluctantly I’m afraid.

For the record, I think Unreal Engine is a terrific product and you guys are doing a great job in many aspects (support, product, innovation, etc.)

Keep it up!

I should add that although I saw no pixelation when viewing the game assets in just the Editor (without playing), I did see a drop in graphic detail in all of the materials in use, however.

Can someone try and see if they can reproduce this issue?