graphic problem


Already posted in the forum. But no one can help me :frowning:

My English is not so good. But I have a big problem.

Look at the videos. At the edge of the note and at the chair

you can see it best. Watch the viedeos in Fullscreen

The textures trembling all weird. But only in Fullscreen.

I hope you can see what I mean. The textures pulsation at the edges.

Already have the antialiasing settings changed.

And one other monitor tested.

Can anybody help me?

Iโ€™m not noticing anything strange on the video. Could you describe the issue in detail? Maybe it is something to do with your display?

I do not know how to describe it.

Not like the Motion Bluer effect.

It is different.

When I move the camera moving the textures a piece. e.g. as the edges of the letter in the Video

That does then hurt in the eyes

Here is a new Video
You can see it only in fullscreen

All textures reflecting

I do not know how to explain it

please can anyone help me :(((((

Apart from weird slamming door, I still canโ€™t see anything strange. If you are unhappy about how the picture looks, start narrowing down your issue by disabling post-process effects.
I think what you are refering too, is called Bloom