Graphic Cards Advice Needed

Hi guys, I wanted to purchase a new graphics card but it’s pretty overwhelming. Right now when I run a game(in editor or build) my frame rate is at 6-10 fps. Is there any way for me to find my system specs and post them here?

I checked the DXDiag and here is my card type and memory:

Memory: 4095MB

My Pc specs are:

i5 @ 2.9Ghz
8Gb Ram
64-bt OS

I dont know which port my pc has, and I don’t know if the power supply plays a role in getting a new graphics card. Any help would be appreciated, I’m a noob at this stuff, I’m willing to purchase something around 200$.

Cool kids buy now geforce 980. 200$ does not tell much when we do not know where you live. Google cards that YOU can get for 200$ then post list of models here. This way you will get much better info. Or at least post where you live. Telling you to buy some card from when you do not live in us would be futile.

Ps. and check if your dell has standard pcix connector for graphics, dell loves to make nasty surprises inside.

Im in Canada, so cards from would be fine. I would post a list but I’m so clueless on graphic cards. I’ll check for the PCIX connector.

my port is a PCI-Express, link width x16 dunno if that x16 helps in anyway

If you are in Canada I would recommend using NCIX instead of Amazon, they usually have lower prices and properly pack these things for shipping, I’ve been using them for almost 10 years now and never had any issues, highly recommend them :slight_smile:

Here is their video card selection:

An x16 is a good thing, that’s a more recent build so you shouldn’t have any problems with whichever card you choose.

I would recommend this one if you are willing to go $219:

I’ve always used Nvidia cards so I’m not the one you should ask for a Radeon recommendation, but have a look through and see if there are any on sale.

EDIT: One last thing to note, check the dimensions of the card you choose to make sure it will fit in your case, the 760 I linked to above is a pretty long card so make sure to measure how much space you have.

Why are you ppl worried about 200$ bucks… In my country a GTX 980 is around 3.000. You dont know how blessed you are.
Same goes for many other things. PS4, 200$? Nope, 2 to 3k… . . . . . . .

I find $550 980 not worth the %20 performance boost it has over the $350 970. And I think $700 2x970 is a better choice since it’s %160 faster than a single $550 980. If someone wants to spend an extra $150 of course. :slight_smile:

Only problem is no SLI support in UE4 right now, but would be good for gaming!

I just got myself a 980 recently and it is awesome, tears through anything I throw at it. :slight_smile:

I had 2x480 in SLI mode, and heat was serious problem. I could not get this thing cooled, i was around 110C (230F) after 10min of 3d play. So no more SLI fun for me it is not worth the trouble. Also what DotCam wrote: ue4 has no sli and many other games. Then you have that funny stuff like 2 frames being rendered together then usual wait for next 2. So your fps counter is high but in reality you have half of it. Not sure if this was fixed in drivers, i did not bother with sli since.

And GF 980 here is 860$, about same as i got nvidia shield for, evil greedy gov with their robbery.

The 980 is an enthusiast graphics card meaning you’re paying top dollar for the prestige of owning one. It undoubtedly performs better but it’s completely unnecessary if you’re working inside a budget of any kind as you’re not getting the best bang for your buck.

The 970 is the best value of any card on the market and will future proof your system for at least 4 years. You can get one for $320 and can get 60 FPS in almost any modern game at ultra settings as long as you’re at 1080p. There’s a reason the market went into a fervor at the announcement of the 970 and the card had been sold out for almost two months before supplies finally starting settling. If you get a 980 instead of a 970 keep in mind you get a 15-20% performance gain between the two, but the 980 is 30% more expensive.

A 760 will probably need to be upgraded in 2 years due to it’s 2GB VRAM. The majority of projects (and games) are now going to be aiming to work with the 8GB VRAM of the PS4 and you’re suddenly going to find yourself having trouble juggling all the textures in your games. The price is right if you’re okay with reselling your 760 in 2 years and upgrading again. But buying a 970 for $100 more will get you a card that will last you for another 2 years. Is the $100 extra worth the peace of mind (and performance)? For me it is. But we don’t know your budget situation.

What are your thoughts on gtx 660 vs gtx 760?

Also which manufacturers are reliable? How’s EVGA?

Evga is nice, but is I think the highest cost without better performance. Gigabytes is nice because they make a big overclock and are cheaper.

I myself have a GTX 760 and I’m quite happy with it. I haven’t, however, stress tested it enough to say how good it is, but once I get some money I’ll probably either upgrade to GTX 980 or GTX 780 but for now this card performs amazing. Cheers

Thanks for the advice guys I purchased a Gigabyte GTX 760 for 209$CAD at NCIX. I’m gonna be recieving it within 8 days.

sli 970 x2 is only 15% more performance than 1 980…

Until GPU’s can make coffee and wash the windows I’ll stick with my 780.

Until the two big boys get it together the most annoying thing about video card selections is features sets that are not compatible with one another making them both useless as far as NexGen goes.

In hardware physics GREAT but since they both do it different then both are useless in this area and your just buying a high end card with features that you can’t make use of and back to CPU bound bottle necks.

This is the fight going on right now as to who is going to be king of the hill, just like VHS versus Betamax, so I vote buy something used until the smoke clears.

For that matter

If my 8800 had not packed it in I would still be using it today.

So I’m installing the card and I see these pieces. I’m clueless about these wires. Anyone know?


You can just ignore those, they are the old style of power connectors and don’t really have anything to do with the video card.

You will need to plug in the 2 black 6-pin power connectors to the card (from the power supply), they go into the end of the card, right below your hand in the picture.

I can’t see very well, but take the twist tie off of those multi colored wires coming out of the power supply up at the top of the case, and you should have the connectors there. I hope you do anyways, if not you might need a new power supply… most of them have these connectors though.

If your power supply doesn’t have the connectors for the graphics card then the graphics card might have come with an adapter that can use those 4-pin molex connectors

Ok I just noticed something on the box it says the card (gtx760) needs a 500 watts power supply while I have one of 460watts. So if I buy a new power supply is there anything else I gotta upgrade?

My PC is a dell xps8300 from 2011.

@_@ this is so mind boggling to me. Im so bad at modifying PCs.