gradient fading at edges

i have this road diffuse texture that i want to gradually fading on the edges


for that i want to use the LinearGradient node since it seems that this is what i am looking for

and here my material setup :

in the editor i have a nearly complete transparent material

so my question is how to achieve what i am trying to do


You need to multiply your opacity value by something like 10.

But it is not the proper way to make the road translucent.


i have tried different values using an instance material but with the same result .

can u confirm that my material setup is good because i am not sure at all :stuck_out_tongue:

btw : can u point me the proper way to achive this please ?

also i have tried with a mask embeded in the alpha channel of the diffuse texture wich worked perfectly, but i want
another method for better control of the gradient .