Gradient does not move in sync in my custom meshes?

This lower gradient extends out far more than its top counterpart. I need it to move in sync with the gradient above it, so both travel at same speed and time:


And I need this second gradient to flow together with the gradient above it, so the entire rectangle is filled with the gradient:


I’m basically trying to copy these moving glowing circuits, like here, from 0:00-0:02.

What is my mistake? How do I get the gradients in the square marks to move together and at the same speed and length?

It the same problem it was before :slight_smile:

The UVs are not the same on both meshes.

One way around this whole problem, is to use a world aligned material

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Unfortunately, it only works for textures, not material.

I know for a fact that it will work for you. Textures are part of a material.

If you want to have the same circuitry aligned on these objects, this is the way.

If you don’t believe me, upload some of your shapes here as FBX, and I’ll show you… :slight_smile:

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xfloorstandard.167.fbxfloorstandard.166.fbx (19.4 KB)
yfloorstandard.167.fbx (21.6 KB)
zfloorstandard.279.fbx (19.9 KB)

Here they are. Believe me, I’m not trying to be spoonfed, I’m new to UE5, thus I need all the help I can get

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I will get back a bit later…

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Do you mean, you want them to apparently share the same material, like this?

world mat

Ah, I’m with you.

You want the lines to be the same size, and move at the same rate?

Then you either need to sort out the UVs, or you can use a world aligned material :slight_smile:

You can see, your UVs are shot

They’re supposed to be a nice grid shape.

I just pulled it into Blender and gave it a cube projection ( like I said )

After fixing the UVs and applying a simple material


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Thanks for the answer. How did you specifically do that cube projection? So this cube projection basically fixes the UVs thus enabling this gradient material you used for demonstration, right?

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Correctemo. But to be clear, why I was talking about world aligned materials, is because you can use them without UVs… But ( again ), it’s easier to use normal materials…



( the other meshes were worse ).

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Thanks, I’ll apply this.

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Oh yes, is this world aligned materials effect? The checkered effect applied to this object

I mean, what view did you choose to see this? Sorry

Set to default material in the static mesh editor.

This is not world aligned.

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Thanks. Do you still recommend world aligned texture, despite the cube projection?

They are separate things. If you use world aligned, you don’t need UVs.

You’ll find if you use WA, it’s always really easy to align meshes, because it doesn’t actually matter where you put them…

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Thanks. Helpful answers, especially the cube projection function, which was a major help

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