GrabComponent + Set Simulate Physics = Can't drop item

Hey! First time playing around with VR in Unreal 4.27.
So I have an object in a blueprint that I want to be static until it is allowed to simulate physics, and then I’d like to be able to pick it up with my Motion Controller. The object works fine if I simulate physics from the get go, however if I turn it on in script with Set Simulate Physics (x), I can pick it up, but I can not set it down.

I am using the standard VR Template, and I’ve tried it on two completely different blueprints, and I get the same results. Does anyone know if I’m doing anything wrong and if there is a work-around?

I can pick up and drop object if Simulate Physics is enabled.
If Simulate Physics is not enabled, but I enable it through blueprintscript, I can pick it up, but no longer “let go” of the object.
Help please?

Have you tried, on button released, to “Set Simulate physics” to false?

I have not, but I still want the physics to simulate when dropping the object. But now it just stays in my hand.

The GrabComponent contains logic to handle this. If you look at Begin Play, SetShouldSimulateOnDrop sets bSimulateOnDrop to true if the PrimitiveComponent (your model) is simulating physics:

All you have to do is to manually set bSimulateOnDrop when you want the object to simulate when dropped.

I hope that helps!

Oh, thank you so much! This worked.
Manually set bSimulateOnDrop when the object turned dynamic did the trick!