Grabbing objects- keeping grip when swapping actors

I want to be able to swap an actor for another while the player is holding it, so that they keep a grip on the new actor, with the player not being able to notice that the actor has been swapped out. Currently I have a simple setup, where upon an event I spawn a new actor using the old actor’s transform info, then Destroy the old actor. However the new actor drops to the floor and the player is left with a clenched fist upon releasing the trigger.
Is there a simple way I can attach the new actor to the motion controller upon spawning? I’m new to blueprints so would appreciate someone spelling it out for me…
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I assume you are using the included VR template?

Try this:

  • Destroy old object.
  • Spawn new object.
  • Call GrabActor on the BP_MotionController which held the old object.

You also need to add a bool input to GrabActor enabling you to skip the grab rumble.