Grabbing Objects in a statically lit scene

Hey folks,

This may be a silly and easy question to be answered, but is there any possible way to pick up objects in VR in a scene which has 100% baked lighting? or does the lighting have to be fully dynamic?

The reason why im asking is because whenever i move an object it obviously looses its baked lighting, so im trying to work out if there’s a way to keep the quality of the light build and move the objects?

wanting to convert some objects in an arch viz scene so we can pick them up and throw them about.

Some insight into this will be appreciated


The lighting does not need to be fully dynamic (you can keep baking the rest of the scene and using static lights), but the objects you want to grab should be set to movable. The major downsides are they won’t be casting indirect shadows and their lighting will be less accurate than the rest of the scene.