Grabbing object and only rotating on one axis

Hey people of VR development,

I have an issue I’ve been stuggling with quite a bit now and I can’t find anything on the internet anymore.
I want to create a Door for Vr which is opend when I push down a handle (But the opening is an animation).

The biggest problem right now: How can I grab the handle but constrain the movment to only the X axis and only to a specific angle (e.g. -18° on X/Roll )
I have some experience with bleuprinting but I wouldn’t say I’m really good. More like a novice so far.

I found this thread but Iit didn’t really help me / it didn’t work for me:

And I also found this picture but as a newbie I didn’t understand much:

My set up right now looks like this:

Maybe someone has an answer for me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.