Grabbing back object after throwing - Multiplayer Blueprints UE4 4.21


I created a blueprint class of a bag that my characters can throw away and pick up again. I use Velocity, physics and gravity that I either set on (when throwing) and disable (when picking up).

I use a LineTraceForObjects for picking up.

However, even if both the server and the client see the bag at the same location it sometimes fails at picking them up. In that case I need to press the “Pick up” Key and random aim everywhere near the location of the bag until I finally can grab it. Just like if neither the server nor the client see the exact location of the bag.

Seeing that sometimes the bag would roll slightly differently on the server and the client, I decided to use a Box Trigger located on the floor which temporarily removes any velocity/gravity/physics and put them back on. Resulting in removing any rolling and having the exact same location of the bag on both server and client all the time.

Still the problem appears. I need to random aim near the bag to pick it up sometimes.

I set up all replication to what I believe to be the most reliable solution so I do not understand why is the problem still happening…