Grab an object with two hands

How i can grab n Object based on BP_PickupCube with two hands?

I Want to Hold a Billiard Stick and if i hold with two hand allow only move forwards and backwards!

No Ideas for my question?

Attach it to one hand (right hand should be a master hand for a billiard cue) and rotate in a direction of second hand in Tick. There is no other way.

Have you a example how i can make this?

I only have C++ class, and it isn’t finished yet. But your task is easier.

  1. attach to fist hand
  2. when player is trying to grab the cue with a second hand - enable tick
  3. in tick
    a. calculate required rotation using MakeRotFromXY(
    first param: second hand location - location at the cue of the main hand attachment
    second param: Up vector at location at the cue of the main hand attachment)
    b. Apply this rotation to cue (SetWorldRotation).

Can you show me this in Blueprint a Image?

And of course, you cue mesh mush have X as a forward axis for this setup.

How you can reference MContrroller Left and Right in a Actor BP? i can only Reference MotionControllerBP!

And i cant find SetActorRotation for my Mesh!

MotionControllerBP blueprint in the Unreal VR Template has motion controller component inside.

? Your MController Left this is a Variable with reference to? i can only find Motion Controller but not Left or Right And i cant find SetActorRotation

I mean this

I have The Motion Controller but specific The left and right hand i have only in Pawn BP

Can you please explain this to me?

Take a look at Mitch VR Content Example, there is already a setup for a two hand grab of an object, so you can see what’s going on there and replicate it accordingly

I Have the Plugin but i use 4.15! in 4.15 is not the Two Hand Setup

Download 4.18, check the VR Content Example, then apply the same setup to what you’re developing.

OK, I mixed it up with something else have now 4.15 Version,
but somehow I can not figure out how it works it’s confusing! and its not Standart VR Pawnd and Controller from Epic Template.

The “standard” VR pawn and controller is woefully underdeveloped and in need of extension. You shouldn’t limit your self to its framework.

I use the VR Pawn from your plugin but 4.15

Unfortunately, I just can not get it with the 2 hand grip :frowning:

So can someone help me implement that?

OK i integrade the Mitch VR Content Example two handed to my VR Pawn and work fine
now i want next step how i can Lock my Billiard Cue? so that I can only move the Billiard Cue in one direction? And Block all Other Direction and Rotaions?