GPULightmass faceted shadowing (Terminator Problem)


I’m seeing faceted shadows in GPULightmass on a sphere with a light map res. of about 512.
My assumption is that these artifacts are the “Shadow Termintor Problem” common to all ray-tracers and Path-tracers.

Do you have a quick solution for this? Without a fix, GPULightmass cannot be used in production.

I’d suggest tessellation of geometry before raytracing, because the raytracer will always see the geometry as faceted.
Built in tessellation being available for GPULightmass, or, Phong Tessellation.

Help please? Thanks.


I’ve checked the UE4.26-release, and this still remains in an unresolved state. Mind you, it’s not a bug, just a limitation of the technique :stuck_out_tongue: