GPU Upgrade Advice (Keep 12gb GTX Titan X or 6gb RTX 2060?)

Hey all,

I just found out my Maxwell EVGA Titan X does not support RTX, so I was looking at upgrading to an RTX card. I went to Best Buy and picked up a 2060 since by all benchmark standards it is better minus a 6gb memory differential. Obviously I would love to upgrade to 12gb RTX2080 but right now the 2060 is all I can afford.

How big of a difference will that 6GB of memory have on Unreal?

If it’s relevant my goal is to make a film with an unreal not a game, so performance is less important to me. I am trying the 2060 but Unreal is now crashing due to FUncompressedMemory Issues.
I don’t know if this is related to the card change though.

Anyway - hoping for a consensus that I should keep the 2060 so I can sell the Titan but I would love your thoughts.

For a film, I think the memory is going to become more of an issue, where you’re using high resolution textures and high poly geometry and trying to render to high resolution images.

I have had that suspicion as well. Thanks for the input. I did not find much performance increase at all with the 2060 and Raytracing was a remarkably upsetting noisey mess. While I realize I probably needed to spend a lot of time tweaking it, I think I’m going to just finalize the film without RTX and going back to the Titan.

If you have the latest Windows 10 and NVidia driver updates you should be able to use RTX with the Titan X (NVidia added support for it recently). Ray tracing performance will be lower than a true RTX card, but since you’re working on a movie it should not be an issue.

– edit –
I forgot there was a Maxwell Titan X and only the Pascal ones support RTX, sorry.

Unfortunately not with the Maxwell yeah. From my experiment with a 2060 it was not worth it at all. I have gone back to the Titan.