GPU Performance Optimization

Hey guys,

we are about to finish our first title soon and are now doing performance optimization. It seems the limiting factor for us is always the GPU. The unreal Docu states:

How are we about to lower the memory? I don’t quite understand what we are supposed to do in order to gain performance here.
This is what our GPU profiling result looks like:

EDIT: in case you are wondering why we opt performance when having 80fps. My machine is a killer, and we need to support low-end setups as well. In addition, we will support consoles and our fps look quite differently there…

Can you please be more specific what you want to optimize? First you talking about textures, after that bringing screenshot about time. Do you have issues with performance or your game needs too much RAM/Video memory?
Also you should profile project on your end-user machine for best results.
By the way you can gain a lot of information from here -


i do want to optimize our GPU performance. By changing the r.ScreenPercentage to 80 in our project, we have a huge performance increase. And the documentation states to “lower memory (or math) on the relevant passes”, if r.ScreenPercentage changes result in huge performance differences. This is the case for us and exactly what i want to do, but i don’t know where to start. Do they mean vram? I guess so… How can i lower it?

Yes you are absolutely right. I will test asap on a low-end machine and post the results here again. TY!

Memory usually isn’t a huge limiting factor unless you’re on console or mobile, even then they can handle quite a lot. The stuff that really affects performance will be stuff like post processing and the number of draw calls.

Yes, post processing eats our performance like hell…
We only have three pp-effects: AntiAliasing, Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field. And that cost us 1/4 of our total frame time. Do you know if there is any cheaper way to achieve these three pp-effects? Besides lowering their resolution i mean.

You have a lot of translucency, why?, do you have a lot of fog smoke perhaps? This can affects to prosprocest effects.

Size on textures or materials with lot of textures, terrains with lot of layers can affect too.

assuming you are using bokeh DOF you could try one of the other two options since they are cheaper.