GPU particle collision against translucent object?

As you can see here, i have this blue “dome” object with a GPU particle & vector field inside it. My problem is 2-fold.

First, assume the effect is ‘outside’ the dome. No matter what settings i use, (tried both Scene Depth and Distance Field), I cannot get 100% collision. Somehow the translucency always lets the majority of the particles through.

My next issue is the material is 1-sided, since i dont want to ‘see the inside’ from outside (if that makes sense). Because of this, I assume even IF i can get it colliding against the outside, it wont collide against the inside as long as material is 1-sided? Is there a way to COLLIDE with a material AS IF it’s 2-sided, but render only 1-sided?

The dome is static, so i can have proxy objects just for collision etc. if necessary; any work-around greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!

ps. saw this GPU Particle Collision with Translucent Mesh - FX - Epic Developer Community Forums but it seems his/her problem unresolved also