GPU overheating when activating Niagara effects, why?

Hey guys, when running UE4 without niagara, I have no problems, but when a simple Niagara effect that lasts 5 seconds is activated, my computer starts overheating, and when a heavier effect is triggered by a Blueprint… it reaches my highest temperatures, about 80 to 90 degrees… just by using Niagara, i have heavy games inmy PC like Red Redemption 2 and I have never experienced overheating, so I don´t understand if there is something we have to uncheck in UE4 and Niagara, son when it activates an effect, it wont get as demanding.

Please help

Does it happen with all Niagara effects? What GPU do you have? Is frame limiter or vsync on?

Hi, It happens when I use a Niagara effect with too many particles at the same time, even if their life its 1 second but constant, after a while… since the GPU is being used so much, it starts overheating pretty fast, and especially if the material has some emissive, worst if this effect also has 1 tick, for now disable… not that my PC can’t handle it, of course it can… but not a good practice for final clients, and my worry is that there is just 1 effect, since I was just testing it.

It is a brand new gamming PC, and it also happens in my laptop; but I belive naming a GPU or any other specifics won´t help, since once you sell a product on a site like Epic or Steam, people will use houndreds of different specs, that´s why as a rule of thumb, I never talk about specs when trying to fix a problem in a game, because fixing an issue to a certain spec, won´t fix it to another, but I do try it on different computers.

For the sake of my gamming PC, this is my system specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, with Radeon Vega Graphics 3.60 GHz…, always runs games at 90FPS, maybe 60FPS with very high specs, never less, but as I said, same thing in my laptop.

and this overheating also ocours after package with shipping, so, it is not like by using Unreal with unlimited FPS it has to be related to a high FPS like 90… when you actually don’t need it, because it also happens in the packaged version.