GPU Lightmass on V5

So is GPU lightmass a thing with this new version? Has anyone gotten it to work or even tried doing all the necessary steps to activate it like on V.4.25?

GPU Lightmass should works well in UE5 EA.
I have tested it in UE5 EA2:

It doesn’t work by default, here is my setup:

  1. follow the official doc: GPU Lightmass Global Illumination | Unreal Engine Documentation
    make sure you setting up eveything right.
  2. Drag a postprocess volume in your scene, and set
    a. GLOBAL ILLUMINATION → Method → Ray Traced(Deprecated).
    b. POST PROCESS VOLUME SETTINGS → Infinite Extent (unbound) checked.
    PS. make sure restated your editor after you have setting any CVar.

Thanks for the response. I managed to get it going as well. Works well! I think it’s days are numbered though. Been using the new system and love it!