GPU lightmass LOD black marks problem


I’ve recently tried the new GPU lightmass system for baking static lights.

I was using the VR template with UE 4.26.2, GTX 1080, I7 3770K.

Enabled GPU lightmass plugin, default HRI set to DirectX12, Ray Tracing and Virtual texture and lightmaps enabled, directional light and skylight set to static, ray tracing effects disabled in Post process volume.

My GPU ligtmass settings are :

I’ve come up with problems on meshes that have black marks on LOD1 and above.
The higher the resolution, the more visible the marks are.

LOD0 is fine

LOD1+ have black marks

The problem is not present with CPU baking:

I tried using meshes from other pack in case it was UV problem but same result:

Does it have LOD’s? and if so is the minimum LOD something other than 0? If so set it back to 0. Worked for me in one instance.