GPU Lightmass Error

i used datasmith to export my Model from 3DS Max into Unreal Engine but when i try Making Gpu Lightmass Build ( Luoshang GPU lightmass ) i get this Error,

After removing lots of Models it worked so i went to check UV Channels of all Models i deleted found that they already have 2 Channels 0,1 and the Assigned Lightmap Channel is Correct as well So i have 2 Questions Here :-

1 - How to Fix that !?

2 - How to know that this Model wont cause Problems / Errors when Building Lighting !!? what else should i check rather than UV Channels !?

Thanks Alot

Hey there!
open swarm agen, in the menu bar you will find ‘Cache’
click on it and click the buttons clean and validate
this should hopefully fix the problem ^^

Already did that but not working :frowning: