Gpu lightmass all new lights and some existing ones do not contribute to the baked lighting

Gpu lightmass all new lights and some existing ones do not contribute to the baked lighting. I heard that in 4.27 there is no more light limit. Am I mistaken? Attached screenshot shows the light at left as static baking and on right as dynamic.

Idk if you are mistaken or not, but in preview 4 I had a pointlight with the red X due to proximity to another light, so offhand I’d say that there’s still limits.

Those red Xs are nothing to do with that. Those are for stationary lights.

You are baking, according to your own post - so that does apply if you expect contribution into the textures from the lights.

And there shouldn’t be a light limit for static lights since they all get fully baked anyway.

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baking static lights… that should not apply. cmon… learn the engine before you comment.

So what you are saying then is that your movable light is baking anyway?

no… static light isnt showing up in the bake… the switching it to movable is to show how bright it is as an example.

gpu lightmass did have like 128 static light limit or somethign in 4.26… heard a rumor no limit in 4.27 but so far im having problems… i cant add any new lights to the bake nor does it bake all of them leading me to bleeive there are still limits.

As far as I know it was 4096. For static.
But you said I need to learn the engine - and you aren’t entirely wrong, I probably only bake lights once a month if even. Because gameplay is a thing, and static light sucks for that.

How many lights did you put in your scene?
/ share a project to test/debug.

gpu lightmass previous limit was about 256 (I think) … cpu dont beleive had any limit. Im hearing 4.27 shouldn’t have a limit because gpu lightmass and pathtracer use something called r.PathTracing.LightGrid to control the parameters… So I will be experimenting with that. From what I hear that should remove any limits, but obviously if it does I have a bug. Also my scene probably has around 2800 static lights in interior apartment buildings. Spread across multiple sub levels.

Sub levels that load/unload probably don’t count towards a total unless loaded.

So, how many were loaded in your test?

all of them. I mean if i drop in a brand new static light that brand new light doesnt add to the bake.