GPU Lightmass 4.26.2 and Android ES3.1

Was doing some tests for android ES3.1 for the Quest 2 and wanted to see if GPU Lightmass (4.26.2) would work for it. It runs and bakes light in the project, but after baking it just sill says objects still need to be baked. Then when I went to package and test in the headset, it is in fact just black. Like none of the light information came over. Does this not work at all?

Now I am not an expert but I do have a feeling that the GPU lightmass bake doesn’t correlate or transfer over to the Android es3.1 shader required by Oculus quest units? I understand GPU lightmass uses Directx12 to bake lighting but does that mean it’s exclusive to target platforms that only support Dx12? (I wouldn’t think that to be true but maybe it is? I don’t know)

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I tried doing that too. I tried different approaches and couldn’t get GPU lightmass to work for ES3.1
Wanted to know if someone found a way to do that or it’s a planned feature.

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Im looking at the same problem - did you guys manage to come up with a solution for this?

Sadly no, it’s not worth the head ache currently, as most people I assume are exploring this for VR lighting purposes. Currently trying to figure out foliage with Unreal and VR for Quest 2 (the aliasing is a nightmare - best solution thus far is using sprites lol)

That’s besides the point though, unfortunately all we can confirm is the GPU lightmass bake doesn’t carry over to the ES 3.1 shader =\

Just a blind guess: Are you guys using virtual texture lightmaps? If so, try disabling it.

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I believe I tried that already as well. Didn’t seem to make a difference at all. :confused:

CPU lightmass works fine but GPU doesnt?
Isnt the difference just in the way the lightmap is rendered?

Try Luoshang’s gpu lightmass

but… isn’t Luoshuang the guy who is implementing the current iteration of the GPU lightmass in Unreal 4.26.2?

I checked the original thread of Luoshuang’s GPU lightmass and there hadn’t been any updates. You think maybe his older scripted/mod version will maybe work? I could try it I suppose.

This link that I shared is the updated version, works with 4.26.2
It is what Im using, much better results than the built in GPU LM and faster.

BTW it just occurred to me. You may be baking a scene with only a sky light, sky light is ignored for the GPU Lightmass (built in) if im not mistaken. It is not for the script version.

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This is interesting, I wonder why the script version is …so much better? lol No I am not baking with just the skylight, (I appreciate you checking though ty) I have school and current industry knowledge, so I do have a good basis of lighting in Unreal.

Just the first time I’ve really buckled up and looked at GPU Lightmass. Thank you very much for providing that up to date github link. I’ll try it out and see what results it yields! :slight_smile:

This was the issue! Thank you Arkiras. Now the next problem is the denoiser is not affecting the lightmap for some reason?

Im looking into maybe increasing samples and lightmap res maybe that will be a hotfix for now.

Anyways - if anyone is having this issue disable virtual texture lightmaps

Thanks for the help

So just to confirm, the scripted version of GPU lightmass does indeed work for all purposes including VR, where the built in one that is being slowly incorporated does not for VR. It has issues translating the bake information to the lightmap it appears. But yeah the scripted version is pretty awesome still.