"GPU crashed or device removed" when trying to import model from 3ds max via datasmith

Hello dear developers,

while importing a model from 3ds max (2022) with datasmith I get the following error when I reach around 80%:

“GPU crashed or device removed”

My specs:

Ram: 32 GB,
OS: Windows 11
UE version: 5.01

So far I tried the things that have been mentioned already. Those include:

  • Setting the delay time for the GPU to 60 (TdrDelay & TdrDdiDelay)
  • Updating the gpu drivers to the latest version
  • Downgrading from dx12 to dx11
  • Allocating space to virtual memory
  • Tweaking the settings in datasmith

After downgrading my project to dx11 I get a different message:

" Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture"

Could not resolve this issue either. So I really do not know how to make datasmith work or what exactly breaks the import because the log is not really informative at all.

hi. the answers may be in this article
Dealing with GPU crashes Unreal Engine Forums


So the project in 3ds Max was using the Corona renderer. If you don’t have the correct renderer installed you might get export/import issues.

In my case after installing the missing Renderer (Corona) in 3ds Max, Datasmith successfully exported and imported everything into my scene.

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